Up until now, there hasn’t been a simple tool for installing and maintaining all of your desktop software for Windows. Linux people have apt-get (and others), Mac users have Homebrew, but Windows users have been more or less left in the lurch….until now. Just discovered my new favorite tool – Chocolatey. Never before have I seen software (for Windows, at least) that makes getting a new computer populated with software so darn easy. I’ve blogged before about Ninite, which is great. But, it’s far from comprehensive – I’m still left with a long list of things to install manually. With Chocolatey, it’s simple:

1) From your command prompt (Win key -> type “cmd.exe” –> hit Enter), paste (with right-mouse button) thetext on the website home page (“@powershell … “)

2) Close cmd. exe, start it up again, and install whatever you want (there’s a searchable list here). E.g.:

cinst GoogleChrome

It helps if you start cmd.exe in an elevated prompt, to skip some of the admin elevations that happen throughout the installs. Here’s my current setup (paste the whole thing into cmd.exe, or save it as a .bat file and run it:

cinst MicrosoftSecurityEssentials
cinst git.install
cinst 7zip.install
cinst GoogleChrome
cinst javaruntime
cinst SublimeText3
cinst adobereader
cinst skype
cinst dropbox
cinst resharper
cinst gitextensions
cinst VirtualCloneDrive
cinst CutePDF
cinst tortoisehg
cinst dotPeek
cinst Quicktime
cinst teamviewer
cinst imgburn
cinst 1password
cinst dependencywalker
cinst vcredist2005
cinst vcredist2008
cinst vcredist2010
cinst flashplayeractivex
cinst CrashPlan
cinst InnoSetup
cinst VisualHG
cinst resharper
cinst monogame

Pretty impressive! The only thing missing (besides Office and Visual Studio) in my typical list is Cyberduck. Between GMail Dropbox, Basecamp, GitHub/Bitbucket, and now Chocolatey, less than ever am I worried about a computer going up in flames. I can get up and running with any workstation in less time than ever.


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