Starting an MVC Website Project

Obviously, these days a web presence is an absolute necessity for any public activity, not just classic “business" activities. I’ve always avoided diving too much about website development, because it was too far from my everyday needs as a scientist, engineer, or even as CEO. I’ve used a self-hosted CMS site based on GraffitiCMS with mild success. At the time, it seemed like a promising platform with a very highly rated dev team. Unfortunately, those guys at Telligent seemed to fall off the face of the earth, leaving me and many others with no support, bug fixes or future development (apparently, it’s now open-source…maybe it’ll finally get that MetaWeblog API).

Anyway, I have lots of different websites that need to be built out – a personal ‘CV’ type site, VirtualPhotonics site, Modulated Imaging site, and an improved Introspective Medical site to start off. Even if I’m not the main dev or architect, I really need to understand web development at a deeper level to ask the right questions and guide the projects in the right direction. So, instead of searching for yet-another-prefab-solution, I think I’ll take the plunge and create a site myself. Stay tuned…


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