Rob Conery told me to

In a search for a content management system for work, I stumbled upon a post by Rob Conery on his new launch of Awesome. I’d already been impressed by Ron’s video series for SubSonic, but this site takes it to the next level. I am blown away at his ability to communicate effectively and efficiently to geeks just-like-me.

So, I was following along on the free “Coder To Developer” series intro where he suggests various ways to up your game professionally as a developer, hoping this is an “I’m totally on the right track” feel-good pick-me-up. For the most part, I scored with flying colors.

BUT, he reminded me to do what I’ve set out to do many times and failed to execute – start a blog.

I know “macro blogging” is so last month, but I think this could be very helpful for me, having a position at work where increasing complexity turns quickly into frustration. My overwhelming experience is that each time I sit down and actually describe a problem in text, things become much clearer, and well, a little less overwhelming.

I’m going to try this out. Stay tuned for more…

(P.S. Windows Live Writer + Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 “workstation” + WordPress = <3)


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