10 years, 10 posts

Well, it’s been 10 years since Ron Conery (@robconery) inspired me to start a blog, and I’m disappointed to say I haven’t been posting, on average, more than once per year. The day job has kept me quite busy, and happy that things are progressing! My hobbies, meanwhile, have tended to be non-computer-oriented – brewing… Continue reading 10 years, 10 posts


New theme

Spent a few minutes updating my old WP theme to something a little more with the times. I chose Ecto, as it seemed clean and worked well with multiple form factors. Hope to post more often this year, so stay tuned. 🙂


Up until now, there hasn’t been a simple tool for installing and maintaining all of your desktop software for Windows. Linux people have apt-get (and others), Mac users have Homebrew, but Windows users have been more or less left in the lurch….until now. Just discovered my new favorite tool – Chocolatey. Never before have I seen software… Continue reading Chocolatey

Services I use

Back in October 2009, I created a post called “Stuff I Install” which gave a snapshot of the stuff I use to setup a new computer. Since then, each day it seems like there are fewer and fewer desktop apps I rely on, while my dependence on web services, web apps, and web data have… Continue reading Services I use

A recent presentation on SBIR grants as an attractive source of funding for technology startups

I gave a talk recently at the Wireless Health Hub, titled “Using federal grants to get to product-market fit”. Check it out. Thanks very much to Jim Butz, Cynthia Trevino, Charles Zahl and all the attendees for making it a great and engaging evening! I’m excited to be added as a mentor in the program –… Continue reading A recent presentation on SBIR grants as an attractive source of funding for technology startups

Starting an MVC Website Project

Obviously, these days a web presence is an absolute necessity for any public activity, not just classic “business" activities. I’ve always avoided diving too much about website development, because it was too far from my everyday needs as a scientist, engineer, or even as CEO. I’ve used a self-hosted CMS site based on GraffitiCMS with… Continue reading Starting an MVC Website Project

Stuff I install

I admit it: I’m addicted to clean OS installs. This absolutely takes too much of my time, but I just love the newness. I even like installing programs, because it’s an opportunity to discover new apps and find cleaner solutions to old problems. But there’s obviously still some monotony to the reinstall, and I have… Continue reading Stuff I install